Day 1: Blog Everyday in September

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Today’s prompt is : Give me your life story in 300 words or less.

I was born in a fairly small town in California on July 18. About 400 days later, I became a sister for the first time. Within the next few years, my mom had two more girls, born a couple years apart. The four of us were pretty close growing up.

When I turned 5, my mom and dad gave me a desk (handmade by my dad) and I was homeschooled at that desk for kindergarten. Beginning in first grade, I started Catholic Education, and I’ve been in Catholic Education ever since. It’s been about 16 years of learning, and 2 years of teaching/tutoring, giving me about 18 years of experience in Catholic schools.

I’ve actually got at least another 2 years in Catholic education because of my graduate program. So by the time I’m done, I’ll have been in Catholic education for 20 straight years.

I moved from California to New York City in August of 2011 for my post-grad volunteer experience, where I worked as a tutor and algebra 1 teacher in an all boys high school. My experience there inspired me to return to school to get my masters and teacher certification in adolescent mathematics for grades 7-12.

So far I love New York, and I’m very happy here, and I’m excited for my classes to start.

And that’s me in a little under 300 words, I hope!

University of Notre Dame

As promised, here’s the next update of my life! I FINALLY downloaded the pictures from my trip to Notre Dame, and I’m so excited to share them with you. There aren’t many, because I’m not much of a photographer (I attribute this to growing up with a wonderful mother who always had a camera. Seriously, I never have one, so it’s lucky my phone can take pictures).