Get Uncomfortable

For the next SEVEN days, I am taking a challenge to PUSH myself OUTSIDE of my comfort zone. It’s so important for me to do something like this because I can get comfortable where I am, and it means that I’m not reaching out and growing as a person anymore. Taking on a challenge like this is extremely important for someone like me.

I like being comfortable. Really, who doesn’t? But if we get TOO comfortable, things just STOP. There’s no more growth, and no more development. Our relationships with others become stagnant. We get bored. We lose interest.

It’s time to MIX IT UP!

Get Uncomfortable Challenge

We shy away from any semblance of discomfort. We don’t like it because it is UNCOMFORTABLE. It is hard to appreciate that feeling in the moment, and even in looking back, sometimes we struggle to understand why that was so key and crucial to our growth.

Being a teacher, and working with people to help them grow reminds me how important it is to GET UNCOMFORTABLE. If you don’t challenge yourself, you will not change. The difference between who you want to be and who you are is what you do. If you don’t change what you’re doing, you won’t become the person you want to be.

Guess what? Today, I’m admitting something. As part of this challenge, I’m admitting that I’m NOT happy with who I am. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t dislike myself or anything. But I KNOW that I can be better. I know that I’m capable of more than I’m reaching for right now.

For the next seven days, I VOW to push myself OUTSIDE of my comfort zone so that I can grow as an individual, and as part of my team. I’m ready to MIX IT UP, and live life to the fullest! Let’s do this!

Don’t Reward Yourself With Treats! (you’re not a dog…)

Today, I saw this lovely little picture on Facebook:

DontRewardWithTreatsAnd I have quite a few things to say about it. First off, I think there’s a point here. When you’re trying to eat healthy, get fit, workout more, stay focused, etc, rewarding yourself can be KEY to getting you to the gym or to eat that salad.

BUT…how often have we told ourselves “If I make it through today, I can have a glass of wine tonight”? How often have we said “I ate my salad, so now I can have dessert”? These types of “treats” can actually keep us from achieving our goals!

Rewarding ourselves is fine, in my opinion, IF we do it right. Rewarding ourselves daily with treats that our bodies don’t need isn’t going to help us meet our weight loss or clean eating goals, which makes them DETRIMENTAL to our success.

Fortunately, rewards don’t have to be “treats” like wine, chocolate, and ice cream. I use treats to reward myself for sticking with something, but my treats are not edible.

For example, I rewarded myself with fun new workout clothes for keeping up with my workouts during Spring Break. This type of treat will help me stick WITH my goals…I want to wear my fun new workout clothes all the time!

What rewards do you like to use for weight loss or healthy living successes? Comment below!


Change is HAPPENING!

When I first started working out in December, I didn’t always feel great afterwards. I felt exhausted, worn out, and defeated.

But I didn’t let that stop me. Through the support of my coach and my challenge group, I kept with it. I did some sort of workout every day (I used yoga on my rest day to help stretch my body. Active recovery helps keep me from falling off the wagon). And I survived my first challenge, dropping about 7lbs, and SEVERAL inches.

I kept with it, but there were months where I didn’t see the same changes. There were rounds where, physically, my body’s weight and measurements didn’t change. 

Today, though, I had a revelation. Even during the months where there weren’t the changes I wanted, the changes that I hoped for, there were changes. And the biggest one was apparent to me when I took my sweaty selfie today.


I look HAPPIER. Even after a kick-butt workout. I look happier. I feel happier. My body feels stronger. My mind is better able to deal with all the stuff I throw at it.

So remember…even when the scale and measurements aren’t changing, you most certainly are!


A Wrinkle in Life…

I had the urge over the weekend to read some of my favorite books from my childhood. Unfortunately, this wasn’t an option because I had so much to do, but it reminded me of a reflection that I wrote a few years ago. I thought I would share that with my readers today, because it is still relevant. I wrote this April 26, 2012. Now, just about three years later, it reminds me of how God works in my life.

I started what I always do when I get stressed out beyond comprehension and am still struggling to look like I’m holding it all together. I pulled out some books that I read growing up. Conveniently, I didn’t have a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird nearby at the time, so I’ve taken up my new Madeline L’Engle books (by which I mean new copies so that my childhood copies don’t get more destroyed. I’m sort of surprised how many of my paperbacks are falling apart).

18131As I read A Wrinkle in Time on my flight to Milwaukee last weekend, I found myself, once again, surprised at how God constantly finds a way to speak to me. It’s not always obvious, but he is constantly nudging me to where I need to be, to what I need to hear to continue to grow and to climb out of the stress-hole I dig for myself.

Now, I’ve read A Wrinkle in Time hundreds of times (I’m really not exaggerating here. I read it through completely on my 2-ish hour flight). I love this book, but I swear it changes every single time I read it. Now, I know this isn’t really true. It’s really me that has changed. Each time, a different detail pops out at me, and it always has to do with whatever I’m thinking about at the time. So since I was still freaking out about my speech on Inclusive Community, I really took a hold of Meg’s words to IT regarding equality and sameness. Meg has a really great point. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to read (or re-read) this book. Meg comments that equality doesn’t mean that everyone is the same.

So when we reach out to include people, we don’t have to include them the same way that we include others. They don’t have to be a part of a community the same way that I am, or the same way that you are. They can be a part of the community their own way. It doesn’t mean that I’m more a part of the community than you or them. It just means that we are included in the community in our own way, which was a really fun concept to think about and very eye-opening for the next couple of days.

Of course, anyone who’s really read Madeline L’Engle’s books knows that once you read one, you have to keep going. So I recently started A Wind in the Door. Like A Wrinkle in Time, A Wind in the Door has appealed to my curiosity about other issues I’ve been contemplating and struggling with over the last few months. I’m still mulling it all over, and haven’t got much of anything to say about it yet, but I love that becoming Lasallian has opened my eyes to all the different ways that God tries to speak to me in my life. Before college, I didn’t really think about why different things stood out in books and movies, but as I became Lasallian and chose to pursue my faith on my own, I’ve found myself actually seeing God’s hand in my life. It’s amazing, and I hope I never lose sight of that.

What do you think about the way that God interacts with you? How has he guided you to where you should be?


Time for a change…


I’ve spent the last couple of months really focusing on getting my health back under control. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I have made incredible progress in the last few weeks. I’m losing inches like crazy, but the pounds aren’t coming off quite as quickly.

Still, I have felt better in the last couple months than I have in years. And that part of why I’m really excited about the newest change in my life.

I held off on ordering 21 Day Fix Extreme because I was trying to make a decision.

And I have!

TBB_blueI’ve become a Beachbody coach! This is exciting to me because now I can share these amazing products with others AND help to support others in achieving their fitness and weight-loss goals.

Are you interested in any Beachbody programs? (Think: Insanity, 21 Day Fix, P90X and more). Let me know in the comments below!