Meal Plans & Journals

The following are digital downloads to help you plan all of your meals and snacks, and design your shopping list. You are also able to check your container accounts in the paid ones (to be available soon).

3 Week Meal Planner


Click the picture to access the FREE download.

The above is a free copy of the Meal Plan. If you would like to receive access to the 52 week copy, please visit my Facebook page and like it ( and send me a message once you have done that. I will happily send you a copy of the 52 Week Meal Plan without my watermark.

Please note: in the 52 Week Meal plan, the water mark is adjusted.

21 Day Fix Annual Meal Plan Journals

Each document is 105 pages, and includes a cover and 52 weeks worth of meal planning pages. I recommend taking the pdf to be printed and bound at your local printshop.

Please note: the container counts in the following journals correspond to the 21 Day Fix Program from Beachbody. You need the program for that column to make sense. If you would like to purchase the 21 Day Fix Program, please contact me HERE.



Buy 1,200-1,499 Meal Planner Now.



Buy 1,400-1,799 Meal Planner Now.



Buy 1,800-2,099 Meal Planner Now



Buy 2,100-2,300 Meal Planner Now

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