About Me

This is me!

Howdy! My name is Stephanie, and this is my blog!

I was born and raised in California. I went to Catholic schools in California for 16 years. I got my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. After spending all my life in the Golden State, I joined a volunteer program that sent me across the country. Now, I’m living and working in the City that Never Sleeps.

If you’re still reading that means you want to know more. Yay! If you’re not, you don’t know what’s written below here, so I can say anything I want about you and you’ll never know! But I’ll play nice.

Basically, I am a twenty-something analytical, creative geeky nerd who loves a little of everything under the sun.

I love Math. It drives me crazy in a really good way. I love the feeling I get after spending days, weeks, months working on a problem and FINALLY getting it.

I like reading and escaping to other worlds where things go a little differently than they do in my actual life. My reading habit used to get me in trouble. No surprises there, right? I would be lost in a world and I wouldn’t hear my mom call me, or I’d rush through my chores so I could get some more reading time in. I was one of those, pull the comforter over your head so your mom can’t see your flashlight kind of kids. The kind who knew that if your mom walked by, she’d see the light, but did it anyway because it made reading even more exciting.

I love Beachbody. I love the way Shakeology makes me feel. I love the energy that I have now that I’ve been working out regularly. I love the community that I am part of because of Beachbody. I have made some AMAZING friends and they are the BEST support system I could ever ask for Beachbody has given me something that I could only dream about: an opportunity to make myself better and help others in the process. So often, the things I have done and gotten involved in have left me worn out, exhausted, and feeling like I don’t have time for anything else. Beachbody requires me to focus on myself, but it enables me to help others because of that. The workout programs give me results, the nutrition plan helps me feel better, and Shakeology makes sure I get all of the vitamins and nutrients that I need to be successful!

I love Newsies. It was really hard for me to put this lower on the list. I love it. It’s amazing. The movie is so bad you can’t help but love it. Christian Bale in a musical? Really? You have to love that. Even though he can’t really dance. And Max Casella is a winner in my book, even though Racetrack hardly ever wins at the track. You can’t help but love Crutchie and Boots and Davey and Les and Skittery and Kid Blink…and this is just the movie! Newsies the Musical is PHENOMENAL! They took a story that had a cult following and changed it without destroying it. Harvey Fierstein is genius. He has taken out all of the flaws from the movie and combined characters and really gotten a killer story with lessons to learn. It’s a story for all ages. And Alan Menken and Jack Feldman have fixed up the old songs, and written some great new songs! The choreography by Christopher Gatelli makes me wish I knew how to dance so I could look as awesome as they do…and you can really see how the dancing style evolves during the show. It starts out all fun and fancy free like the Newsies feel, but as they form into a union, it becomes more rigid and professional. The cast is perfect! I love every single one of them and wish I could be friends with them all. They are fabulous and excited to be on Broadway~a true breath of fresh air!

I love Disney. Disneyland is one of my favorite places to go. I could go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride over and over and over again and never get bored. I love Disney movies, Disney books, Disney theatrical productions, and Disney Music.

I like arts and crafts and getting creative. Scrapbooking, sewing, knitting, mod podge, collages, jewelery making, embroidery, etc. I’ll try it all

I like Batman, and Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter, and Madeline L’Engle (A Wrinkle in Time, A Wind in the Door, etc), and lots of other stuff.

I can solve a Rubik’s cube.

That is all.

For now.

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’ve nominated you for some awards. You inspire me to be a better blogger. If your blog is an Award Free Blog, please accept my well-meaning thoughts and appreciation for the great job that you do. Thanks!

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