Wednesday Wishes (August 12, 2015)

It has been a loooooong time since I did a Wednesday Wishes Post, and I kinda miss them! I’m hoping to get back into a pattern, and writing out some wishes every Wednesday might help me stay focused on my goals.


The theme for this Wednesday? Workout gear!!! Woohoo!!! You can also check out my store for more of my favorite workout gear (Flab to Fab Fitness Store).

Food and Exercise Journal 2014: Never Give Up (Tiffany Blue My Diet Diary)


This journal is option is awesome! It’s 104 pages of tracking information. Yes, it says 2014 on the front. Does that matter? NO! Put a cool sticker or cover the line with the date with some cute Washi tape. Why? Because it will save you money. This journal is only $6.99. The fitness journal I just bought was $14.99. It will likely NEVER go on sale because there is no date on it. So, if you can get over having the wrong date, BUY those once the date has passed. There are no dates inside this book, so the date really doesn’t matter. What does matter? THE QUOTE! NEVER GIVE UP! It is an awesome reminder to keep going!

Pink Motivational Infuser BottleTM


Drinking water is so important, and it can be easier to drink all your water with an awesome water bottle like this. It not only helps you keep on track with drinking water throughout the day, but the infuser allows you to have FLAVORED water! YUM!!!

Moxie Fitness Apparel Muscles & Mascara Tank


Everyone needs an awesome statement workout tank, and I love this one from Moxie Fitness Fashion. I have SUPER blonde lashes, so wearing a little mascara is crucial to framing my eyes, and this girl is working on building up her muscle density with 21 Day Fix.

Workoutclothing Women’s Workout Fitness Gym Clothes Motivational Tank Top


I love this quote. It makes me laugh. So when I first saw it on a tank top, you better believe I bought it. I actually love this tank a little more, though. The color is a little more me, and I love that the back is different and fun instead of being your usual racerback.

Nike Men’s Air Max 90 SD Black/Cl Grey/Prsn Vlt/Pnk Frc Running Shoe 10.5 Men US


I found these awesome sneakers during my search for a comfortable pair to do CIZE in. I want to do the CIZE workouts with my students one afternoon a week as part of our after school program. Of course, the sneakers I have been wearing don’t really work for  this program. I found these awesome ones because one of the CIZE backup dancers wears Nike Air Max shoes in the workouts. I love these ones, and can’t wait to get them!

Fitbit Flex Vibrant Accessory Pack, Violet/Pink/Teal, Large


I love my fitbit Flex, but for some reason, the bands seem to wear out really fast for me. My first band broke after about four months of wear, so I was on the hunt for some new bands to keep an eye on, and I actually found this set, which I really like. I don’t want to get non-fitbit brand ones, because the last time I did, my fitbit actually didn’t fit into them, and I was out $12 because the return policy sucks on those products. These bands come out to about $10 each right now. I still have two bands left from my last kit, though, so I get to price watch for a while before purchasing! But I’m excited that there’s a more light hearted color scheme available!

*****This post contains affiliate links.*****

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