Farewell Gifts for Weight Loss Motivation

A few months ago, I wrote an article about rewards for weight loss. I talked about one of the biggest hurdles that people need to overcome: the concept of TREATS. Celebrating weight loss should NOT include a cupcake.

I stand by what I said. Don’t TREAT yourself. You are not a dog. If you give yourself a treat every time you hit a weight loss, you will be undermining your results and your hard work. I also wrote a post to share 30 ways to reward yourself for weight loss.

But I realized that these articles were missing a key detail: The HOW of motivating yourself to lose the weight. Some of us can motivate ourselves without putting rewards on our radar, but others need to have clear goals and rewards for those goals.

People do this in all different ways, but I wanted to share one of my tools for motivating myself. When I want something, my budget doesn’t allow me to just go out and buy it. I have to add it to my wish list, and then save up for it. So I use these things to motivate me to lose the weight. If I get to my goal, I can reward myself with one of these items.

Here’s the chart I created for myself:

Farewell Fat! Gifts

I’m being nice and offering my chart to you for a limited time for FREE. You can access it through THIS LINK. It will take you to Google Drive and you will only be able to VIEW the document (I can’t have you crazies changing my rewards on me 😉 ) However, you can download it and edit it yourself, or save it to your drive to edit. As you hit each goal, give yourself a pat on the back and reward yourself!

Leave me with your ingenious insight:

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