Yoga Class

Yesterday, I went to my first ever yoga class. It was NOT a beginner’s class, but I actually did okay keeping up for the first two-thirds of the class. During the faster parts, I struggled. It just takes me more time to move between some of the positions than others. I had to drop into child’s pose a couple times towards the end, and I heavily modified some of the moves (ain’t no way I’m balancing all my weight on just my hands. My feet already know how tough that is…no need to break my hands down too!). During the corpse pose, my arms felt ridiculously heavy…like they were anchors weighing me down. It’s the opposite of how I normally feel during corpse pose, but it was just what I needed. It helped me to feel more grounded, instead of all over the place. Can’t wait for the next time I go!

Yoga at a Gym


Today, my body is sore. In a good way. My muscles feel stretched and I actually might go back! I never thought I was a workout class person, but it was a nice change from doing Beachbody workouts alone in my room!


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