Don’t Reward Yourself With Treats! (you’re not a dog…)

Today, I saw this lovely little picture on Facebook:

DontRewardWithTreatsAnd I have quite a few things to say about it. First off, I think there’s a point here. When you’re trying to eat healthy, get fit, workout more, stay focused, etc, rewarding yourself can be KEY to getting you to the gym or to eat that salad.

BUT…how often have we told ourselves “If I make it through today, I can have a glass of wine tonight”? How often have we said “I ate my salad, so now I can have dessert”? These types of “treats” can actually keep us from achieving our goals!

Rewarding ourselves is fine, in my opinion, IF we do it right. Rewarding ourselves daily with treats that our bodies don’t need isn’t going to help us meet our weight loss or clean eating goals, which makes them DETRIMENTAL to our success.

Fortunately, rewards don’t have to be “treats” like wine, chocolate, and ice cream. I use treats to reward myself for sticking with something, but my treats are not edible.

For example, I rewarded myself with fun new workout clothes for keeping up with my workouts during Spring Break. This type of treat will help me stick WITH my goals…I want to wear my fun new workout clothes all the time!

What rewards do you like to use for weight loss or healthy living successes? Comment below!


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