Change is HAPPENING!

When I first started working out in December, I didn’t always feel great afterwards. I felt exhausted, worn out, and defeated.

But I didn’t let that stop me. Through the support of my coach and my challenge group, I kept with it. I did some sort of workout every day (I used yoga on my rest day to help stretch my body. Active recovery helps keep me from falling off the wagon). And I survived my first challenge, dropping about 7lbs, and SEVERAL inches.

I kept with it, but there were months where I didn’t see the same changes. There were rounds where, physically, my body’s weight and measurements didn’t change. 

Today, though, I had a revelation. Even during the months where there weren’t the changes I wanted, the changes that I hoped for, there were changes. And the biggest one was apparent to me when I took my sweaty selfie today.


I look HAPPIER. Even after a kick-butt workout. I look happier. I feel happier. My body feels stronger. My mind is better able to deal with all the stuff I throw at it.

So remember…even when the scale and measurements aren’t changing, you most certainly are!


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