10 REASON TO DRINK MORE WATER (like you need them!)

Water is a crucial part of our health, but many of us are NOT drinking enough of it. The average is anywhere from 6-8 glasses (depending on your weight), but to actually determine how much water you need, you should weight yourself. Take that number (your weight) and divide it in half. That number is how many ounces of water you should drink in one day. If you’re more comfortable working with glasses, divide the number (half your body weight) again by 8. This will be the number of cups of water that you need to drink every day.


Here are 10 reasons to drink more water. Water is…

1. Is 75% of your brain.

2. Regulates body temperature during workout.

3. Protects your heart.

4. Helps you burn fat.

5. Keeps skin looking good.

6. Prevents constipation.

7. Decreases fatigue.

8. Carries oxygen to cells.

9. Helps flush out toxins.

10. Is the best no-calorie beverage.

So start drinking more water today!


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