I SLAP FLOOR! (April Fools…)


With April 1 coming in just TWO short days, it’s time to finish planning the killer classroom prank to freak out your students.

I haven’t decided EXACTLY what I want to do, but I’m leaning towards a “Jabberwocky” style ELA assignment as a QUIZ or TEST grade. I know that will freak my students out since it’s the day our Easter Break starts.

I also want to use this GREAT resource from “Across the Hall in 2nd Grade” on TPT: {Sneaky} Following Directions Quizzes. I’m going to be REALLY mean and give half of my students the quiz where the last direction is “Do not do steps 1-10. Put your pencil down quietly and wait for others to finish.” and the other half will get a sheet with just #1-10, so they will have to follow all the directions. I think it’s going to drive some of my students crazy.

If I have some extra time, this OLAF origami activity would also be A TON of fun. My students and I LOVE Olaf: http://blogs.disney.com/oh-my-disney/2014/04/01/origami-olaf/

Here are some other resources to check out:

Leave me with your ingenious insight:

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