Round 4 of 21 Day Fix is Over…

On Monday, I stepped on the scale for the last time since starting round 4 of 21 Day Fix. I knew that changes had been happening, but it was less obvious to me because…well…very few of my pants fit anymore.

After three rounds, belts are the only thing keeping my pants up, because I haven’t had time to go to the store and get new ones that fit. With my long legs, I have to try them on in store. Sometimes, longs aren’t even long enough.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see the scale yesterday, and saw MAJOR changes despite not realizing them clothing-wise.

In just three short weeks, I dropped 10lbs. 10. Not 5. Not 7. 10. The number on the scale was a SHOCK to me.

10-lbs-of-fatI had to weigh myself three times before I believed it.

I still can’t believe it. I dropped way more weight than I thought, and I’m so excited for round 5!

21 days is just three short weeks, but the changes that you can see in those few weeks is truly life changing. 21 Day Fix makes it EASY. There’s food lists and containers. Of course, you need to do a little math to figure it all out, but I’m a math whiz and can totally help you out! Once you know what calorie bracket you’re in, 21 Day Fix is a BREEZE to work with! The workouts are short and sweet (30 minutes a day for 21 days is easy, breezy, and beautiful), and you know what to eat. It takes the guesswork out of health and fitness!

Plus, because it’s more about a lifestyle change, it’s easier to keep the weight off. I’ll be honest, in between rounds (and occasionally during a round), I can slip up. But then I feel gross and nasty and I take the next meal and get it right. Why?

inspirational-quotes-to-lose-weightI’m ready for the change. I’m ready to be healthier and happier.

How are you doing with your health? Do you need help or have you done the 21 Day Fix? Let me know in the comments below!


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