Get Me Some of That Water, Girl!!!

I love water. I love it so much it’s practically all I drink now. Ask my boyfriend. He’ll tell you.

He comes over and always asks “what do you have to drink?” and I always go “um…well, I have water…and maybe some milk?” Then he rolls his eyes and tries to talk me into walking to CVS to get him some juice. Which hardly every happens.

Anyway. I love water. It’s delicious. It’s hydrating, and I feel better than ever after drinking some.

But…(you knew there was one coming, right?)…sometimes, I have to admit, it can get a little…dull.

Water doesn’t have much of a flavor, so fancying it up becomes a necessity. And today, I tried to mix up one of my typical fancy-up methods.

See, I usually make raspberry mint ice domes, and drop the chunk of ice in my water.

But today, I had no ice domes. Today, I had frozen raspberries, some fresh mint, and some fancy sparkling water.

And so I introduce to you…FANCY WATER!!!

Jokes, I just call it a water cocktail…but that’s probably because Autumn Calabrese’s water bar is my inspiration.

It’s delicious, and good for you, too. With all the water I’ve been drinking during the #LentWaterChallenge, I needed an extra boost of flavor in my life!

Stick around and follow me for more fun water recipes, clean eating tips, and ugly sweaty pics. I promise, you’ll love it or hate it.



PS Share your favorite Water Cocktail recipe below!

One thought on “Get Me Some of That Water, Girl!!!

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