Why I Asked My Principal to Observe My Craziest Class

This is inspiring. As a teacher, so often we pray and hope for our observations to go smoothly…for people to see the best that we have to offer. We forget that when that happens, there is less room for our own development as teachers. This can be a really big problem. When we are willing to showcase our struggles, we allow ourselves the opportunity to grow and develop as teachers. Subconsciously, I’ve invited my principal to observe the class that I find the most challenging to reach. Hopefully, I will be able to learn and grow from this observation!

I gave up putting on a dog and pony show for my observations several years ago.  I had reached the pinnacle of coaching, asking my students to please be on their best behavior as I was being observed, bribing them with treats if they would just be great when my principal walked in.  After that observation, where I received nothing but accolades for my classroom management – yeah for bribing – I realized that I had to change.  My attitude had to change, at least when it came to being observed.

Yesterday, I invited my phenomenal principal into my craziest class.  Not as a stop by visit, but as my second official observation for the craziness that is Educator Effectiveness, or the way my teaching quality will be known here in Wisconsin.  I invited her in to see how I am trying to harness the energy of these students, how…

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