And If You’re Gone Tomorrow, What Was Ours Still Will Be…

Dear Newsies,

We’ve talked about this before. You have changed my life for the better. Newsies, you have given me hope in the dark times, and have carried the banner through the trials and tribulations of a few Tony Nominations, some early morning TV shows, and so much more.

Your short Papermill Playhouse production wasn’t enough for the Fansies, and the powers at be in Disney heard the cries of fans across the country begging for more. Like Joe Pulitzer, they caved, and we won! We got a measly little 12 week run on Broadway.

But that wasn’t enough. See, like Jack Kelly, you yearned for your Santa Fe…you wanted to be produced across the country and around the world. You wanted regional and high school productions, community theatre shows. But you knew that we still needed you on Broadway, and the cast wowed audiences from around the world. Suddenly, that 12 week engagement was extended…and eventually became an open ended run.

Today is the day where it all ends. Newsies, you’re leaving us. Did we not love you enough? Were we not big enough fans? Did we not carry the banner enough?

The world needs to know. Because hearts around the world are BREAKING today. Mine included.

Newsies, I came to NYC three years ago as a volunteer. Just before you started your Papermill run. But long before that, I had fallen madly and deeply in love with you: your message, your songs (even the awful ones), your dances (oh, those thrusting hips), and your stars (who would have thought that Jack Kelly would grow up to be BATMAN???).

Newsies, even in college, I was able to connect with and grow closer to people because of you. You were a cult classic, and we loved every cheesy moment of your film. But through it all, my dream was a live musical version.

After moving clear across the country, I saw that little banner announcing a Newsies show at Papermill in New Jersey. I couldn’t believe it…my dream was coming true! And a few short months later, when I heard about the Broadway transfer, I was even happier.

By the time Newsies had gotten to Broadway, most of my NYC area friends were from my volunteer program or from my volunteer site. In fact, I didn’t even know how to work the Broadway system yet.

Newsies, you changed all that. I made so many new friends through a mutual love of you. And you continuously gave us something to believe in. You shined on Broadway.

The cast made the fansies feel like they were part of the show. They attributed the show’s existence to us…the extra performances were because of our love and passion for this epic show.

You carried the banner 8 times a week, and gave it your all each and every day, and you inspired more that just a love of your show…you inspired a love of broadway, Flamin’ Hot Cheetohs, and glasses of seltzer.

Newsies, you’re so much more than just a show. You deserved a special Tony…more than just score and choreography. Your message reminds us that we can make a difference. Your existence reminds us that we did make a difference.

Newsies, you let us know that no matter how small, we can all have a voice, and that our voices can change the world. You’ve inspired us to seize the day and change the world.

I can’t even keep writing this, because tears are streaming down my face. You’re leaving today, and its likely that you will not be back to Broadway…today is bittersweet. You’re leaving NYC, but a national tour is starting, and so many more people are going to experience how wonderful and amazing you are.

Newsies, go out, and inspire a whole new set of Fansies. Share your story and your message with the world. Carry the banner to the far corners of our country…and to the far corners of the world. I love you, and I always will.

Even though you’ll be gone tomorrow, what was ours will always be. #NewsiesForever #FansieForLife


PS In case you’ve missed these…here are my posts about you, including the ones with pictures of you. Here are some of my favorites:

4 thoughts on “And If You’re Gone Tomorrow, What Was Ours Still Will Be…

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  2. I love Newsies too. I am a new fan of Newsies and first experience it August of last year. The dancing, the story is incredible, the songs are wonderful, the characters are wonderful.

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