Day 19: My Worst Habits

Day 19 of the 31 Day Blogging Challenge: My Worst Habits.

I feel like this post is asking a lot of me. I need to sit down and really reflect on my bad habits.

  • I get super focused sometimes and it’s really hard for me to break my concentration if I’m that absorbed. Which means I can miss someone talking to me, or seem to be ignoring
  • I multitask too much. I’ll have a TV show or movie playing while I write a blog post or edit my lesson plans (not while writing them)
  • It’s really easy for me to snap when I’m at home. My boyfriend has to deal with it the most, and I always feel bad about it. I’ll get upset because I keep everything inside and don’t talk about it until I’m so frustrated I can’t handle it anymore.
  • My room reflects my state of mind, so if I’m stressed out, anxious, worried, or nervous, my room is not clean. That said, it’s rarely in my ideal state.

These are just a few of my bad habits…what are some of yours?



One thought on “Day 19: My Worst Habits

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