Day 16: Dream Job

Day 16 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge: Dream Job

For now, I have my dream job. I want to be a teacher. I’ve wanted to teach since I was a little girl, and I’m doing just that. I’m teaching Middle School Math for grades 6, 7, and 8, and ELA and Religion to 8th graders (my homeroom!).

This year, we’re using a new curriculum across the boards. Yep. Across the boards. We’re switching to Singapore Math (which I learned isn’t really a thing. Singapore Math is US math taught in a different way). We’ll be using the Math In Focus textbooks for anyone who is interested. We also have a new ELA curriculum. So basically, this year will be really exciting. And crazy.

But I’m still happy that this is my job. Because I love my students, I love my coworkers, and I love the school.


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