Day 14: What Is in My Handbag?

Day 14 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge: What Is in My Handbag?

Well…this could get embarrassing. I have a lot of stuff in my purse. Fortunately for me, it’s summer, and I’m not in grad school this month, so there’s a lot less. I’ll share pictures below, and describe what else I often carry in my purse.


Wallet 1

Wallet 1 is where I keep my Debit and Credit cards, and my Target, Starbucks, and Dunkin Donuts cards. I also keep my cash and MetroCard in here, as well as my IDs.


IMG_2401-0.JPG Wallet 2

Wallet 2 holds my rewards cards for various stores and any coupons I have that I will probably use.


My journal

Nine times out of ten, I have my journal with me in my purse. I’ll write in it while I’m on the subway, while I’m waiting for someone, and when I get home at night. I don’t do it regularly, but I like to have it with me for when I need it.


My planner

As big of a techie I am, I still love to write out my events, schedules, and activities. It helps me remember everything.


IMG_2404.JPG My electronics pouch

Despite that last comment, I keep extra batteries, chargers, plugs, etc. with me at all times. I love being plugged in, and staying plugged in. Considering how often I use electronics, this is a necessity. It’s a little empty now because a few of the things are charging up.


IMG_2406.JPGMy writing pouch

I hate to be without the right writing utensil, and this little guy is filled with colorful pens, mechanical pencils, and highlighters…which reminds me…I need to replace my favorite pen now. It ran out while I was at a conference last week…


IMG_2409.JPG My emergency pouch

This is where I keep a couple of band aids, cold medicine, Advil, Dramamine, an extra tampon, some extra makeup…anything that I might need in a light emergency situation.


My umbrella

I learned the hard way that living in NYC means keeping an umbrella handy…at all times. My first night out in NYC turned into a DOWNPOUR. It was  beautiful day, with no clouds in sight, and we opted to stay out and see a Broadway show. Then, on the trip home, we got SOAKED. Never again! Thought sometimes, even an umbrella doesn’t help. But I’m not so desperate that I’ll carry around a rain poncho. I have some class.


Other purse essentials include my keys, headphones, and my iPhone. I also usually have a snack or two, a bottle of water, a sweater or scarf (depending on the season), and during the school year, a folder with readings for Grad School on one side and papers to grade on the other. Depending on my plans for the day, I also carry one of my laptops or my iPad with me.


2 thoughts on “Day 14: What Is in My Handbag?

  1. Ah I love all of the little pouches for various important things — I think I’ll be stealing the idea for an electronics pouch. It’s so organized – you put mine to shame!!


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