Day 13: My Favorite Quote

Day 13 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge: My Favorite Quote

There have been a few posts over the course of this challenge that have truly been challenging. This is one of them, which is probably why I’m posting it a little later than I should (Back-posting is like turning in an assignment late, which is never good, but sometimes it has to happen).

I’ve struggled to come up with the perfect quote for me to share, but in reality, I don’t have one. I’ve realized that I don’t have a “favorite” quote, which breaks my heart a little, because I used to have one. Now, my favorite quote depends on what I’m going through, and what message of inspiration I need. But, when I was in high school and in college, I loved one quote. It got me through 8th grade, and carried me through my senior year of college. It’s pretty common, and most people have heard a saying along these lines.

It reminded me to strive for something that still seemed unattainable. Sure, man has landed on the moon. But I haven’t. And odds are, I never will. For me, the moon represents a goal that might be out of my grasp. This quote, then, serves as a reminder for me to go for the goal. To apply for a reach school or job, to try for something I’m not guaranteed. This is a pretty big deal for someone like me. I hate failure. I hate not reaching my goals and not making it through something. This is probably why I made it through the last year, though. Because I learned to keep striving and to not give up. I learned, through years of support from my family and friends, that I can keep shooting for the moon. And even if I keep missing, I will land among the stars. And that just puts me a little closer to that goal.

What’s your favorite quote? Are you in the camp for this quote, or the camp against? Share below!


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