Day 6: 3 Personality Traits I Am Proud Of

Day 6 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge: 3 Personality Traits I Am Proud Of

I was at dinner last night when I started thinking about this post, and fortunately, a few of the people there were interested in helping me out. We’d been getting to know each other, and sharing our stories, and they helped me identify a few personality traits that they noticed.

  1. Perseverance – I’ve had a lot of things thrown at me over the years, most of which proved to be challenging and inconvenient. I didn’t let any of these stop me; although there were a few times where I almost quit. I made it through with a little grit and a lot of support and love from my friends and family.
  2. Adaptability – As a teacher, this is a pretty big deal, because you never know what to expect during a school day. Sure, you can typically predict a general idea of what will happen, but you still need to be like bamboo in the wind…able to go with the flow and not disrupt everything around you.
  3. TBD – I haven’t decided what to list as my last personality trait yet…but I’ll post an update when I decide on a great one!


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