Day 5: My Guilty Pleasures

Day 5 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge: My Guilty Pleasure

Who doesn’t have a guilty pleasure? Practically everyone I know has something that they do or eat or experience that they are slightly ashamed or guilty about.

Me? I have a few guilty pleasures. From food, to books, to TV shows, my guilty pleasure list is looooong…so I thought I’d share just a few here:

  1. Reading Young Adult books – Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and all the books I added to my classroom library are just a few of the Young Adult novels that I read….and while I do add them to my classroom library, I am not always buying them for my students (although that is how I rationalize it!). Rather, I buy the books because I want to read them, and I believe my students will enjoy them. If I don’t think my students will enjoy the book, I just borrow if from the NYPL, or from Amazon.
  2. Watching Disney Channel – Girl Meets World? Wizards re-runs? Phil of the Future? So Weird? The Jersey? High School Musical? Cheetah Girls? Alley Cats Strike? Stepsister from Planet Weird? Luck of the Irish? Read It and Weep? Disney Channel is a collection of the movies and TV shows that I grew up loving, and still love to this day…as well as some truly guilty pleasures (Good Luck Charlie, and Girl Meets World to name but a few).
  3. Eating RedVines – I feel like Whooton Basset admitting to this (see Adventures in Odyssey, below). I love RedVines. I can’t explain it, but they taste so good to me. I hate Twizzlers, which taste like plastic, but there’s something about the delicious chewy texture and flavor of RedVines that makes me super happy.
  4. Watching RomComs – This is a little less guilty, as it is a fact of life for many people, but sometimes I still like to hide the fact that I enjoy these as much as I do.
  5. Listening to Adventures in Odyssey – I have listened to this almost every night since I turned seven. Granted, there have been times where I fall asleep to music or a TV show, but Adventures in Odyssey is the best bedtime story.
  6. Flipping through People Magazine – This stems from college, sitting out on the lawn with my friends, soaking in some sun, and taking a break from solving math problems.
  7. Coloring in coloring books with my 96 pack of Crayola Crayons – I think this pretty much explains itself.
  8. Eating an entire watermelon – There is nothing like the taste of ice-cold watermelon on a hot summer day…until your boyfriend turns to you and asks “Are you sure you got it all?” while holding up a mostly empty rind…
  9. Browsing clothing stores and shoe stores online. – I don’t even have to buy anything, but sometimes I really like to look…I’ll even add it to my shopping cart or wishlist even though I know I will never buy it.
  10. Pinterest. – Enough said.

What are your guilty pleasures? Do we have any in common?


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