Day 4: My Earliest Childhood Memory

Day 4 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge: My Earliest Childhood Memory

The interesting thing about memories is how we store them. Some people remember events in chronological order with little to no challenges, and other people remember bits and pieces of their lives with no semblance of time passing. Arriving at a prompt like this becomes challenging. I can remember lots of events from my life. Some I know from family videos and pictures, and others I know from real memories.

However, I have no way to determine which is the earliest. Is it the memory of driving around in my battery operated pink convertible? Is it knocking on my grandparents door with my pink Minnie suitcase?

Perhaps my earliest memory is actually of all the times in the backyard and playing with my brother and two sisters. Sometimes we were pirates sailing the ocean blue, other times we were living in our own town, and still other times involved picking weeds and making meals out of them.

On the other hand, my earliest memory might surround Hush Puppy. Growing up, Trevor, Katie, and I loved watching Lamb Chop’s Play-Along. When my mom was pregnant with Kiley (or just after she was born), my dad came home with three hand puppets for us…Lamb Chop, Charley Horse, and Hush Puppy.

Like with most kids, Lamb Chop was by far the coolest to me. Unfortunately, Katie picked Lamb Chop, Trevor got Charley Horse, and I got stuck with Hush Puppy…my least favorite. He was just…boring to me. This was all when we were at our old house. We moved shortly after, and by that point, I couldn’t sleep at night unless Hush Puppy was in my arms. Somehow my extreme hatred for the stuffed animal had become love and dependency. Hush Puppy cuddled in my arms each night for years, and now I think he still sits on my shelf in my California closet, with a large hole rubbed into his ear…

What is your earliest childhood memory? Tell me about your favorite stuffed animal!


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