Day 2: 20 Facts About Me

Day 2 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge: 20 Facts About Me.

It’s really hard to come up with 20 unique facts about myself…it makes me feel like I don’t really know about myself…or maybe I’m just so used to myself, that facts don’t pop into my head…either way, here’s my attempt at 20 facts

  1. I’m California-born and bred.
  2. I’ve gone to Catholic School all my life…even into Graduate School (that’s 17, almost 18, years).
  3. I’ve played soccer, basketball, softball, volleyball, and track/field.
  4. The SF Giants are my favorite baseball team, but I can’t watch baseball on TV, so I hardly get to see them.
  5. Living in NYC, though, I get to see a lot of Broadway, which I love.
  6. In fact, most of my playlists are show tune related.
  7. Those playlists that are not show tunes are usually country…otherwise, I created them for my students or my boyfriend and they don’t count as mine.
  8. My boyfriend and I have been together for about 15 months.
  9. He’s one of the main reasons I made it through my first year of teaching.
  10. I love teaching my students, and I can’t imagine having not known them.
  11. They drove me absolutely crazy last year, and I’m proud that I made it through, and that they made it through.
  12. My favorite color is more of a spectrum between blue and green.
  13. Sometimes, I really love coral and salmon colors too.
  14. I like knitting and I’m still learning how to crochet.
  15. I know enough about sewing to fix a seam, reattach a button, and darn my socks.
  16. There was a time where I actually darned my socks rather than buying new ones because I was saving money, and they only had tiny holes (a small part of me is ashamed, and a small part proud).
  17. I love crime shows…CSI, Blue Bloods, Warehouse 13…anything that uses some brainpower and has a lot of drama? I’m all about that.
  18. I also like some sitcoms: Big Bang Theory, Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23, Young & Hungry, and…Girl Meets World (Don’t judge me!)
  19. I love cooking and trying new recipes.
  20. Especially in my new crockpot, because I just made the most delicious pulled pork and it is amazing!


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