Reflections and Revelations Upon Turning 25

Having just celebrated my 25th birthday last week, I’ve spent some time reflecting on my life and how I have changed, especially since moving to NYC about three years ago. It’s crazy how time and life can pass you by.


Three years ago, I never expected that I would stay in NYC. My mom knew, but I still wasn’t sure. Yet here I am, with a job, grad school, an apartment, and a life here.

Three years ago, I never expected that I would find my way back to teaching. I say “back” because I spent most of my life dreaming of becoming a teacher. Then high school happened, and things were less clear, but I found my way back.

Three years ago, I thought I would be in Grad School for math, computers, or criminal sciences. Yet here I am, studying what I need to be the best teacher possible for my students.

Three years ago, I had packed up my life and was attending LV orientation at Lewis University. I was meeting people who would help me find my path and prove to be my support system.

For the past three years, I have been doing a lot more growing up. Especially in the last year, as I struggled to get my feet on the ground and stabilize myself. While my dad was here, he and I went shopping, and I shared with him a revelation that I had. I had recently realized that I was really becoming an adult, and I told Papa about this.

See, three years ago, I would have hated shopping for appliances. The thought of entering a furniture store had me rolling my eyes. Entering Home Depot yielded groans and statements of frustration. But now? Now, I choose to go to furniture stores. I research appliances until I have the make and model memorized for the ones I want. I find coupons to help me cover the cost of the nicer ones. I’m really becoming an adult…


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