Summer Time???

Summer (for me, at least) doesn’t feel like it has started. I’ve been so busy and all over the place trying to get things done, that I haven’t had practically any time to myself. I’ve been busy with Grad School since the school year ended at work.
The cool thing about all of this, though, was that the Grad School class involved working at a summer school. As much as I wanted to go home for part of the summer and get a chance to see my family, I really enjoyed working with the students at the summer school for the last three weeks. We only have a couple of days left together, and I can already tell that I’m going to miss quite a few of these students.
I was able to work with two teachers, one at the middle school level, and another at the high school level. I learned about designing lesson plans, assessing student achievement, and simple classroom strategies from them. I look forward to applying what I’ve learned in my classroom this fall.
As much fun as I have had working with the students, I am really excited for a break. Alas, my break won’t begin until the end of the first week of August. I’ll be spending the first few days after the summer school program in Worcester, MA for a Singapore Math conference. A small part of me wishes that I had a few days off first, but another part of me just wants to get everything over with so that I have time to relax and plan for the upcoming year. It’s already almost August, and I’ve only had time to read some Professional Development books. I haven’t had much time to create my plans and goals for the upcoming school year between working the summer school and completing work for Grad School.

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