Technology-Loving Teaching Saves Me Again!

I LOVE technology. I love it. It fascinates me, and I adore applying it to my teaching.

As much as I love technology, it is also easy for it to be riddled with mistakes. For example, when I entered in report card grades, I accidentally hit a key I wasn’t supposed to…giving a student an 877% on the Midterm. Which is NOT right.

Unfortunately, I had no way of knowing what the midterm score actually was, once we caught the error. The midterms were sitting locked in my filing cabinet at school, and I’ve been at home for the last five days because of well-timed snow days and February break. I was fully expecting to make a trip into work today, even though school doesn’t start up again until Thursday.

Then, I was sorting through papers this morning. And out fell a print-out of my spreadsheet from my google drive. Where I store an electronic back-up of all my grades. I enter them first onto printed out grade books, then onto my google drive spreadsheet, and finally onto the online grading system (Can you tell I don’t have a lot of faith in the grading system?).

Well, out fell the printed spreadsheet from one of the midterms locked in my filing cabinet. Which reminded me that I enter grades into my Google Drive. Which meant that I had the midterm scores from the midterms in question where I gave a student an 877% (Who does that?!?!).

Now, the grade is fixed, I’m happier than ever that I enter my grades in three specific locations, and that I can use them as my own system of checks and balances for my grade book! Yay for technology making things easier! Because a trip into school, while I was willing to go, was the LAST thing I wanted to do in the snow!


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