February Break!

Despite the five snow days since January started, I still haven’t had enough time to get everything done and feel caught up. I’ve basically been room-hopping for the past three months. Ever since the second grading period started, right up through the start of the third grading period, I was moving every few weeks.

Moving is hard. And over a three month period, I lived in 5 different locations. I went from the Bronx, to Brooklyn, to  Queens, to Manhattan, and back to Queens. I’m officially in my home (for the next few months, at least. It’s a 6 month – 1 year contract. I have to stay a minimum of 6 months, but I can leave anytime after that with 30 days notice), and I’m happier. Despite a ceiling leak in my kitchen that my land lady can’t do much about because of the snow and ice (which I’m not so happy about). Anyway, I’ve had quite the collection of adventures the last few months, and I’m thinking about throwing together a book about my experiences this summer…you know, when I might actually have time to get stuff done again.

My exciting news: I have my grades for my first semester of Graduate School…4.0, baby!!! Lots of hard work, lots of stress, but it paid off! Plus, working with my students has been a lot easier since Christmas break. They’ve been better about their homework and assignments, so hopefully that will continue on over the next two quarters (PLEASE!!!) because it makes it easier for me to do fun things with them in class.

We did this really awesome Mock Trial as part of the Of Mice and Men unit for ELA, and they wowed everyone. They did an excellent job, and helped me to see areas that I can provide more guidance in for future years. Their evidence showed that George Milton was guilty of First Degree Murder.

I think that sums up the major things for work and school and moving for the last few months…Thanks for reading!


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