Happy December!

Blog followers and friends,

I am writing a heartfelt apology right now. I have been horrid about staying on top of my blog since starting my job. In my defense, I have minimal free time.

However, I wish I could have stayed more on top of this blog, because I have been having some ridiculously crazy adventures. In the span of 1 week, I lived in three different boroughs of New York. I started in the Bronx, and spent 5 days “subletting” in Brooklyn, before moving to a month-long sublet in Astoria.

And that’s the least of my adventures since beginning my teaching experience.

I’ve learned a few ballroom dances with my students. I’ve survived the first grading period. I’ve made it through parent-teacher conferences.

I still do not have a permanent home, which is really why my life still feels absolutely disheveled, but I have faith that I will find a place! I can’t keep subletting for years on end, right?

Anyway, dear blog readers, I am sorry, and I will try to update more than once every few months in the future. Especially once my life settles down a little.


P.S. Haha…life settling down…that’s a good one.

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