Day 7: Blog Everyday in September

 Best piece of advice you’ve ever received. Who was it from?

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Today’s prompt is:  Best piece of advice you’ve ever received. Who was it from?

Well. I wrote this post. Published this post. And somehow it wasn’t what I had written? I don’t get it, WordPress. I don’t get it.

Anyway, I originally wrote this post about how I’ve been in major job search mode all summer, and that I’ve been feeling a little…down about how it was all going lately. Fortunately, there have been quite a few people who have been there supporting me and reminding me not to give up. And I simply shared their advice:

“Don’t get discouraged” – Sydney

“Something better will come up” – Nicole

“I know you don’t want to hear this, but maybe it wasn’t meant to be” – My Mommy. She was right. On both counts.

“Take a break. That’s a great idea. Then if you still don’t have anything, go ask around at school and see if professors need help. You’ll find something, just maybe not when and where you’re expecting it” – paraphrased from Bro. Ed, and probably pretty close to something my mommy would tell me.

Advice is something that I rarely seek, but the advice I’m given always impacts me.


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