Day 6: Blog Everyday in September

What have been the three greatest moments of your life?

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Today’s prompt is: What have been the three greatest moments of your life?

Three greatest moments…that’s another tough one! A small part of me wants to skip it, because I don’t even know where to start. But I’m not one for quitting, so I’m going to share three wow moments with you guys.

I think one of the moments that really stands out was during my senior year of high school. It was the afternoon after the AP Calculus Test, and I was really out of it. I was worn out and exhausted, and we were sitting through an assembly. Two donors to the school announced that they would be handing out rewards for students who did exemplary community service during their four years at my high school. They explained that they always give away a total of $5,000 and that usually they choose five students to receive the award. They announced that this year there would only be two recipients and each would receive a check for $2,500. They read an excerpt from the essays these students had written, and I remember thinking that one of the excerpts sounded really familiar. I turned to my friend to ask her if she had written it, and I found her pushing me up and hissing “They just called your name…GO!” In shock, I stumbled out of the row and to the front of the room to accept my check. I was completely surprised. I didn’t expect anything like that to ever happen to me, especially for my community service experience. I never expect anything in return for my service, and I occasionally get embarrassed when I am recognized. I’m still wowed when I think back to this moment.

Another wow moment was when I graduated college. I don’t think my college experience really hit me until after I’d walked across the stage, diploma in hand. I cried a little bit as I hugged my best friend. I couldn’t believe that we had made it through…well…I couldn’t believe it was over. I wasn’t surprised that we’d made it. We’d worked so hard over the last four years, but now it was over. It was exciting, exhilarating, and sad all at one, but it was a moment filled with revelation.

The most recent wow moment was at the beginning of my summer vacation. I had already received my acceptance letter to NYU Poly, and to Fordham, but I was worried about finances. At the beginning of my summer vacation, I received an email from Fordham University. They had awarded me the scholarship that I had applied for, and I finally decided that I was going to be able to return to New York in the fall. It was a huge relief, and I felt like I finally knew where I was supposed to be heading. I had a path.

These are three of the many wonderful moments in my life. There have been so many, and has been so much awesomeness in my life, and I’m ever so grateful. I chose to do moments that didn’t involve people in my life, but there have been so many moment with special people. I couldn’t begin to pick and choose between all of them!



4 thoughts on “Day 6: Blog Everyday in September

  1. I had a lot of trouble with this post as well because I have had too many moments to pick 3. I just had to accept the fact that I left some out. Your posts all sound like amazing achievements so congratulations 🙂

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