Day 5: Blog Everyday in September

What is your favorite book? Why?

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Today’s prompt is: What is your favorite book? Why?

Karissa gave us a tough prompt today. I love to read. I’ve pretty much loved to read since I learned how to read. Heck, even before I knew how to read, I loved having my parents read aloud to me.

Growing up, when I got in trouble, and placed on restriction, I wasn’t allowed to read if it wasn’t for school.

Reading has been an escape for me. It’s a break from reality, and a vacation to a new place and time.

Sadly for me, I read rather quickly. And by sadly for me, I really mean “sadly for my wallet.” Fortunately being in NYC has made libraries abundant, and the option to borrow a book on my kindle has made my reading habit easier to maintain.

But asking me to choose one book out of all the books I’ve ever read in my life? My favorite book? That’s a tough one.

Possibly because my favorite book sort of depends on my mood for the day. I think a lot of people are actually like that, too. I tend to read many of my books more than once. Because re-reading a book is a little like looking at a video or a picture from a vacation. It takes me back to the first time I read the book.

That means that when I re-read October Sky, I feel like I’m in a tent camping in California with a little LED lantern lighting my pages, as I explore coal country, dream about taking calculus, and want to build rockets.

When I read Saving Francesca, I feel the resistance of not being sure I want to read the book. I feel the book pull me in all over again. I remember how the book slowly infiltrated my heart with each turn of a page, and how I began to dream of visiting Australia and seeing the places of which they spoke.

When I read To Kill A Mockingbird, I remember 8th grade. The feel of my uniform as I sat at my desk reading, the desk my papa made me, the desk that’s been locked behind a door, un-used for the last several years. Studying TKM in eighth grade is one of the last times I remember being in the “school room” at home (The school room is our guest bedroom. There’s no bed in there, rather there are five desks, one for each of us four kids and one for our parents).

The Bible is another book that helps me escape, but I disappear into the world of Adventures in Odyssey (OT Action News, Connie and Bernard and Whit sharing stories, and Imagination Station adventures), the world of The Story Keepers, and Vacation Bible School. These stories come to life, and I feel them surround me entirely.

These four books are probably some of my most-worn books. The covers are weak, and the pages well-turned (well, except on my bibles…I have a lot of those, so most of them are still in pretty decent condition because I read them all pretty equally, and I hardly ever shove them into my bag or purse like I do with my other books, but I digress…) These are the books that got me through a lot of frustration, challenge, and difficulty. These are books that I turn to when I need a real escape.

But these aren’t the only books that are important to me. Growing up, one of my favorite shopping trips was to the Family Christian Bookstore. I loved getting the fiction books here, because it was like a window into a world I wanted to be a part of. A world of bible studies, and sunday school. Scripture and prayer abounded in these novels, and I drank it up like a cool glass of water. I loved The Christy Miller series by Robin Jones Gunn, and the Holly Heart series, and more recently I’ve discovered Karen Kingsbury, and her books have really spoken to me and helped me. In fact, they’ve really helped my devotions as well.

I guess my point in sharing all of this comes down to the fact that my favorite books give me an escape, remind me of God’s greatness and majesty, but also are real stories. Now, they aren’t necessarily true stories, but they are about things that could actually happen.


7 thoughts on “Day 5: Blog Everyday in September

  1. Thanks for sharing!! …would love to see pics!
    This looks great! You did a fantastic job!
    All the best,
    P.S. This is my guest bedroom …very different than yours I am sure… lol, you can check it out here on my blog:
    And here is my recent master bedroom makeover:

  2. I have always loved books too, so I do understand exactly what you are saying. I have read some books several times. I used to read about 3 books a week. I have been reading too many blogs lately. I am going to have to try to get more books in. I miss them!

  3. Hmm, the only one of these I’ve ever heard of is To Kill A Mockingbird. And the Bible, I have heard of that one too, LOL! In answer to your question earlier, for AmeriCorps I was in Grand Junction, Colorado. I worked at a day care center for kids in foster care and kids with special needs, and I also worked as a mentor for kids in foster care. It was an awesome year!

  4. When I got in trouble growing up, my frequent punishment was that my parents wouldn’t buy me any new books. That was more effective than any amount of yelling LOL I still love books today!

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