Day 3: Blog Everyday in September

Why did you start blogging?

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Today’s prompt is: Why did you start blogging?

I think I started my first blog waaaaay back in college. And by “I think” I mean that I had a blog when I was in college, and I’m around 99.99% sure that I didn’t have one before college. Although I probably would have loved having one in high school.

In college, I started a blog after one of my math professors asked me if I could up my participation in class. Now, blogging really had nothing to do with my class, but he said that I noticed and questioned a lot of things that other students weren’t seeing, and that by speaking up and expressing myself in class, I would be helping my classmates out.

Now, I really loved reading blogs. I did. I read them all the time, and I read TONS of them. Some are defunct now, and some have faded away and disappeared. Others are still going strong. And occasionally, I would comment on a post here or there. “Occasionally” being the key word there.

My professor’s words sort of stuck in my head though. If I could see and recognize things that other people didn’t, I had a bit of an obligation to share that knowledge with the world around me. And so the first of many blogs was born.

Of course, it turns out that being a mathematics major makes blogging regularly next to impossible if your blog doesn’t have much to do with math (I’m a girl with a multitude of interests). So that blog quickly faded away, and in the summer after college, I deleted it completely, along with the few fashion blogs I had started once upon a time when I thought I knew a thing or two about fashion (Turns out that I actually do know a thing or two about fashion, but nothing that someone else doesn’t know better).

My next blog, which was hosted here on WordPress, was started during that summer after college, just as I was joining the Lasallian Volunteers Program. It was supposed to be a place where I could record all the things that I did while I was in New York.

As it happens, a blog like that is really more of a journal, and as the large pile of incomplete journals will attest to, I am not one for journaling. I mean, I journal. Just rarely. And with lots of lists. And sketches. And notes from meetings. And an occasional game of tic-tac-toe or hangman.

Sharing the day-by-day happenings of my life was boring and dull. Not because my life was boring and dull, but because life was too exciting for me to want to sit and write what happened, so every post sort of read like a poorly told story.

So I drifted away from that blog. But by the following spring, I was raring to give blogging another go, and Stephanie-isms was born (Click here to read my first official Stephanie-isms post).

Eventually I got around to moving all my posts from my first WordPress blog over here, so there are definitely posts from before this on my blog, and I merged another attempt at a fashion blog with this one because, well, it took me a while to realize that I don’t need a separate blog for each of my interests. Hello, that’s why it’s called “Stephanie-isms.”

So this post turned out to be a lot more than just why I started blogging, but I hope you like the story about how we got to be here today, sharing my random thoughts!



8 thoughts on “Day 3: Blog Everyday in September

  1. Pretty cool! I’ve had a lot of different blogs too. The neat thing about blogs is they sort of reflect who you are at that particular time. Some people’s blogs change drastically over the years, while other people just start new blogs! And I guess some people quit blogging all together, but I doubt that would ever be me.
    What is the Lasallian Volunteers Program? I was in AmeriCorps for a year and I wonder if this is similar.

    • The Lasallian Volunteers (LVs) is sponsored by AmeriCorps through the Catholic Volunteer Network. They are loosely similar. The Lasallian Volunteers are involved in education, whether it be directly working in a school, working in a facility that offers retreat space, or working in development. The Lasallian Volunteers do all sorts of work. You can check out the official website
      Where did you serve for AmeriCorps? What position were you working?

  2. I’ve had a few blogs myself, I think I really found my niche once I became a mother. I’ve been meaning to browse your posts a bit more. I could use some fashion tips 😉

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