Day 2: Blog Everyday in September

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Today’s prompt is: What is your favorite season? Why?

Choose a favorite season!?!?! You must be joking! That’s like asking a parent, “so…which one of your kids is your favorite?” It’s unheard of! It’s crazy! It’s…well…it’s actually a great question.

I have things I like about every season, especially now that I’ve lived in New York. When I was living in California, we really only had three seasons: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Winter wasn’t really Winter.

Don’t get me wrong…I think it actually feels colder during the Winter months in California…that damp cold heads straight to your bones no matter how many layers you wear. But without snow, it doesn’t really feel like a different season.

Summer in the part of California that I’m from (way up near wine country) usually only lasts a few weeks now. We don’t get as much warm weather now as I remember getting growing up.

Either way, now that I’m in New York, I’ve really experienced the seasons. I think my favorite season might be Fall.

I love the back-to-school vibe, the cooler weather, the rain, the chill in the air. When the trees start to change from green to vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows, it truly feels like Fall. Fall in New York is magical. Well, really Fall on the east coast is magical. There’s something special and sacred about the Fall months.

During Fall, we get to celebrate Halloween…and who doesn’t love having a day to dress up, eat candy, and be a little scared? We also get to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the US, and we all know that having a day devoted to eating, spending time with the important people in your life, and being thankful for everything is amazing.

Also, fall is when pumpkin flavoring is EVERYWHERE! Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread…YUM! Also, prior to Halloween, it’s easier to find candy corn, which makes me happy. And fall is known for apples, maple, beets, potatoes…all sorts of deliciousness! The fall harvest gives us so many yummy choices for food, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t love fall!

Also, I really like that Fall is also known as Autumn. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Day 2: Blog Everyday in September

  1. Pumpkin is pretty amazing! I would love to eat it year round…but then maybe it wouldn’t be as special. I know what you mean about Winter…I walk my dog around the block at night with a winter coat on and am still cold!

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