On My Way

I wrote this on the plane yesterday….I’ll try to update again later today,

I’m moments away from landing in NYC, and I’m so excited. It’s been a long two months being away from my city, my community, and my boyfriend, and, as much as I loved spending time with my family, I am ready to get back to the city.
I’m pretty exhausted though. I had a really hard time sleeping last night. My dad called it anxiety, which I guess is true, but I think excitement is a better word (For some reason, I feel like anxiety has a bit of a negative connotation).
Basically, I don’t think I really slept longer than 10-15 minutes until 2am (California time) rolled around. I kept being startled awake…I would drift off for a few minutes and suddenly jolt awake, like when you have a falling dream.
Once 2am hit, I was able to pass out, which was great…except that I had to get up at 3am, so I really only got about 45 minutes of decent sleep last night.
I figured I would be able to sleep in the car, or on my first flight, so I wasn’t too worried. I woke my mommy up to say goodbye, and then headed out the door with my luggage (4 bags total! My checked bags were 49.5 lbs and 44.5 lbs and each of my carry-ons were 29 lbs…that’s almost 160lbs of stuff!).
Of course, my papa and I stopped at a gas station to get decaf (for him) and hot chocolate (for me) since it was such an ungodly hour. No one wants to be on the road at 3:30 am unless you’re driving down the California coast on your way to Disneyland (Oh…wait…that’s just my family 😉 ).
While the drive was pretty uneventful, I didn’t get any sleep there, and my dad and I brought my luggage to check it and I pretty much strolled through security since there was practically no one flying out of Oakland that early.
Fortunately, that meant that my gate was right around the corner from security…no long trudges to find a hidden gate.
I got settled in a window seat (thank goodness for being in the A group on Southwest!), hoping that I’d be able to take a cat nap. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be, and I was awake the entire flight to Denver. Then I had a few minutes to grab food before clamoring onto my second place (another window seat!).
Fortunately, I was able to sleep off and on (mostly on) for about two hours on my flight from Denver to NYC, and I’m feeling a lot better, but I’m still sensing some exhaustion lingering.
Of course, I’m writing this on the plane, but without internet, I won’t be posting it until after I’ve landed and gotten to community, but I really needed a break from TV shows.
I’m pretty excites about landing, though. I was planning to take a cab from the airport to community (remember when I said I had almost 160 lbs of luggage? Yeah, I’m so not taking that through public transportation. The ~$50 cab ride is worth it despite my lack of sizable income right not). Fortunately, that changed when Br. Ed (gotta love him!) texted me yesterday and told me that he had a car and some free time today if I wanted him to pick me up from the airport. Well, today is his birthday, but I still took him up on his offer, letting him know that I’d still be okay if he couldn’t pick me up. But he is coming! Which is good for me 🙂 I miss him lots and I can’t wait for a Br. Ed hug/kiss combo. Fortunately, I have a card for him in my carry-on too!
And hopefully my boyfriend will be getting to community shortly after me so I can see him for a few hours before he has to go home. He’s working an early shift this week, which is tough since we live about an 1hr 15 min apart by subway). I miss him so much, and I cant wait to give him a huge hug, and the couple of presents that I have for him. It’s going to be great!!!
Anyway, now that I’ve been productive for about 20 or so minutes, I think it might be time for a little break…maybe a little reading this time though. I think I still have July and August’s Glamours to get through. By now, I probably have September’s too :/
Speaking of magazines, though, does anyone read Allure? I got a card from them in the mail offering me two years for $12, and my Glamour subscription is almost over…Is Allure worth the read? Or should I spend a little extra and get Glamour?

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