Awards Season?!?

I think that is MUST be awards season in my corner of the blogosphere…which is more than fine by me 🙂 I want to send a HUGE thank you to the beautiful Donna at Heron There & Everywhere for all of the wonderful blog nominations! I am so grateful for them, and so happy that you’ve been enjoying my blog!

Donna nominated me for five different awards, and I’ll be accepting them very soon. I’m in the midst of some last minute packing (I finally return to NYC tomorrow! I’m so excited!!) and I want to take the time to do the posts justice.

I’ll be presenting each award separately, rather than as a whole big group. I want to use this opportunity to share more than fifteen blogs with all of you, because I keep discovering some new ones! Granted you might see some blogs receive more than one award during this process…my reasoning is the blogs who I give duplicate awards to will be able to introduce you to even more blogs as well. Hopefully this will be a chance for all of us to discover some amazing bloggers and readers out there!

Well, I better get back to packing up my carry-on 🙂



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