9 Free Must-Have Tools to Score A Bargain

I’m away from an actual Internet source today, but in skimming through my WordPress reader, this article caught my eye. While I’ll add my own must-have tools to it in a couple of days, these are some pretty helpful things that enable me to do a lot on a little money. Check them out!

20 Something Confessions

As a nearly-broke post-grad, I am always trying to find resources to help me save money. I recently stumbled upon Young Adult Money, a website targeted at young people with a lot of ambition and not a lot of money. An article that jumped out at me was 7 Free Must-Have Tools to Score A Bargain.

In addition to these wonderful tools, I would like to add a few of my own.











Essentially a coupon app, ibotta determines which stores you are in (or are close to you) and shows you what coupons you can get for each. You complete simple tasks to get these coupons, use them, take a picture of your receipt or the product barcode, and get cash in your Paypal account.

Yes, it is that easy. Currently they are even offering a…

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