Payless Love

Don’t judge me, but I love Payless. I do. I love that they carry my size, I love their new rewards program, I love most of the shoes that they carry.

So today, when I received an email from them with a 25% off coupon (excluding sale items), I decided to browse through their shoes. Even though I know I can’t afford any of them. Which is kind of sad, because their shoes aren’t expensive. But, you know, a girl’s gotta save for an apartment.

Being an adult is tough sometimes.

Still, all of this knowledge wasn’t enough to keep me from adding lots of shoes to my shopping cart. (Have I ever mentioned that I love shoes? I’m like the Carrie Brashaw of inexpensive shoes).

Some of them I really truly love and wish were mine, but they aren’t, and might never be, but I still thought it would be fun (at least for me) to share a couple of the shoes I really liked. I haven’t written anything super fashion related in a while, so this should be fun!

If you like the shoe, click the picture! It will take you to the website for more information/ordering! Also, consider joining Payless Rewards. I got a 40% off coupon for my birthday, and there’s free ground shipping on orders over $50. Plus, they send you coupons pretty regularly.

Brash Women’s Chaos Studded Flats


I don’t know which one I like better…

American Eagle Women’s Fantasy Flat

This is very simple, very cute, and very professional. #winning

Brash Women’s Zane Riding Boot

I need a new pair of black boots for the fall…

Brash Women’s Tanner Lace-Up Boot

I’ve wanted a pair of boots like these for YEARS…but I’ve always had a problem with ones I’ve found in my size…But these? These I like.



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