So…this post is a little delayed. I meant to post it a while ago, but…well…here it is now!

Broadway week is coming up!

For shows September 2-15, you can get half-priced tickets to a bunch of different broadway shows! Lion King is already sold out (Chris and I literally ordered our tickets for that show the SECOND they were available at last winter’s Broadway Week…they sell out early every time!).

The only catch: You have to preorder your tickets around…well…now. Which is why I feel bad about forgetting to post this earlier. But I was a little preoccupied with other things.

Even though Lion King is already sold out, there are still a bunch of great shows (though, no surprises, BoM was never even available. I’m pretty sure that show is just constantly sold out.

Click to check out the OFFICIAL Broadway Week Website, courtesy of NYCGo.




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