Craft Corner: ModPodge Notebooks

As I’ve said many times now, I’ve been going through all the…stuff…that’s been accumulating in my room, and in the process, I am always finding new things. One of the more recent discoveries was a gigantic box of scrapbooking papers and stickers and rub ons, and leaves, and all sorts of fun things that you can get from stores like Michael’s.

Near the box were a couple of composition notebooks that I had decorated. I thought it might be kind of cool to show them off here. Now, I’ve decorated a lot of these over the years, but I’ve only found three of them.

The First One

photo 3


This was one of the first ones I made…Can you tell? I can. The colors “go” but the elements don’t work well together. I can also tell it’s one of my first ones (and one I wasn’t too happy with) because I used it for a class I wasn’t sure I’d like…It’s full of notes from Discrete Mathematics, which actually turned out to be a really cool class.

The Second Onephoto 2

This one is also a little closer to the beginning of my mod podging career…I think this one works a lot better than that first one, but I still had a lot to learn. I have a smidge too much going on here….I think if I had left off the pictures on the bottom, it would have worked better. I could have added in another swirl rub-on there if it felt too empty, and that would have been more subtle.

The Third Onephoto 1

This one is probably my favorite by far. The colors complement one another, and I think the layout is almost 100% perfect on this one. I’m actually excited to use this one for something!


So…what do you think? I have a feeling that I’ll be making more of these in the near future…I do have that giant scrapbook box. If some of them turn out nice, maybe I’ll put them up on Etsy for people to purchase…maybe!



4 thoughts on “Craft Corner: ModPodge Notebooks

    • Aww, thank you! I feel like my artistic side has been in hiding for a little while, so I’m going to warm it up a little before I jump back into Collaging notebooks, but I definitely want to keep everyone posted!

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