Change a Heart, Change the World

The past few weeks, I have been going through all the belongings I’ve accumulated over the years. I’m getting rid of all the stuff that will never be used again. Of course, in sorting through everything, I have rediscovered some of the music that I used to love growing up.

I loved Jump5’s music in the 2000s. I was a big fan of the message in their music, and I listened to them on repeat.

When I went through my old files saved on CD, I found a document with the lyrics to one of Jump5’s songs. A few days later, I was sorting through my mediocre CD collection, and there was the CD. Popping it into my computer, I listened to the song, and it’s been in the back of my mind ever since.

Granted, the actual music is very “pop”-y, but the lyrics are worth the listen.

Every dreamer has dreamed of a perfect life 
I know the world has been trying for years to get it right 
We try and try, but find it impossible to do 
Don’t you wish we could make this a better place 
Can’t you see that we must live life a different way 
Every day, imagine what love could turn this to

Wanna change the world, then change your mind 
We’ll light the darkness one life at a time


When we change a heart, we change the world 
A spark of love can turn into a fire bright as the sun 
If you change a heart today 
Then that could change a million tomorrows 
What started as a whisper will echo on and on 
When we change a heart, we change the world 
A voice is waking a heart to the light of day 
A tiny flicker of hope can push the night away 
It’s safe to say a caring heart brings another back 
Can you fathom a world where we open up 
Can you picture the day we’ve all been dreaming of 
Live and love like right now is all we really have 
Wanna change the world, then change your mind 
We’ll find forever one day at a time 


You may think it’s crazy 
But that’s alright with me 
It’s gonna take some time to find the way 
But I believe…




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