Goals for 2013 – #3 Pick a 5K to Run!!!

So I’m super excited to announce that Goal #3 has been achieved!

Goal #3: Pick a 5K to run.

Best part of achieving this goal? I picked not one race, but TWO! Yay! One of my closest friends sent me a couple of links today, and so far I’ve signed up for the NYRR Dash to the Finish Line and the Hot Chocolate 5K & 10K.

The NYRR Dash to the Finish Line is on November 2…same day as the New York Marathon. Crazy right? The whole point of the run is to cross the FAMED Marathon finish line in Central Park—without running 26.2 miles! That’s the run I’m going to count as my LVs Run for this year, since they will be running on November 3 in Chicago. (Click to donate to the Lasallian Volunteers and support my running).

The Hot Chocolate Run is more similar to the LVs Run this year, but it’s not until December 15, and that’s cutting it a little close to my 2014 deadline. But I’m super excited for it because Hot Chocolate is delicious! And it will make running totally worthwhile!

So starting Monday, I’ll be walking a lot more to start my training and get used to the distance again. I’m not one for running, so it’s going to be tough, and I’d start tomorrow, but I definitely need to hydrate better the next couple of days before I do that.

We don’t want me dropping one mile in 🙂


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