More Liebster Award Questions…

One of my friends (Chris of #NEVERADULLMOMENT) who I nominated in yesterday’s post “renominated” me, sort of…I personally don’t count it as a new nomination, but…I thought I’d answer his questions anyway.

  1. What is your favorite article of clothing you own? Probably my red dress…It’s the Ignite the Night dress from ModCloth, and I feel on top of my game when I wear it.
  2. If you could travel back in time to participate in any one event, what would it be? V-J Day in Times Square.
  3. Where is your dream location to live? I’m pretty happy with New York for now. But for the sake of my boyfriend, possibly somewhere in the Caribbean if I had an unlimited supply of sunscreen.
  4. What animal best describes your personality? My personality? An otter like Hermione, maybe? Or an elephant….I don’t quite know.
  5. What is one secret obsession you’ve kept hidden that you now are going to bring out? Um, let’s be honest here, when I’m really obsessed with something, EVERYONE knows. Literally, EVERYONE!
  6. If you were given the opportunity to travel anywhere (money aside), where would it be? Around the world! I want to see it all!!!
  7. What celebrity do you most identify with today? Um, Emma Watson, maybe? Or Jennifer Lawrence…but that might also be wishful thinking…
  8. What is one food that you could eat everyday, every meal and never get tired of? Fruits and vegetables.
  9. What is your least favorite holiday? Why? MLK day, but not because I have anything against him! I actually think it’s great to celebrate all that he did. See, my problem with the holiday stems from college. At Saint Mary’s, we had Jan Term (J-Term, whatever you want to call it), and we had a 3 hour class 4 days a week. Usually Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. EXCEPT instead of simply having MLK day off, we usually had to MAKE UP the class on our day off that week. I always took a MTRF class, so I was used to having my random middle of the week weekend, except that one week. It still drives me a little crazy.
  10. What is one of your strongest pet peeves? Dude. Some of the stuff that happens in community when everyone is just a leetle too comfortable with everyone else…that stuff. I can’t go into more detail than that. It’s wrong.
  11. What is your favorite memory? Honestly, the memory that’s been keeping me going this summer is really sappy. It’s the moment that I first saw Alex in real life. Alex and I first met online, and decided to meet up. We were going to meet in Times Square to go see Iron Man 3. I was a basket case when I met with Alyssa beforehand, and I was all nervous and freaking out a little. But when he walked out of the theater doors to come meet me, I literally felt all the anxiety and nervousness melt away. It felt right, and its one of my favorite memories.


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