Return to NYC

I am a mere 17 days away from my return to NYC, and I’m so excited. I can’t wait to be back there, and to start Graduate School, and I’m excited to see all of my friends out there (especially my boyfriend), but I have a few qualms that I should probably be more open about.

I am extremely excited about Graduate School (I’ll be getting my Masters of Science in Teaching Adolescent Mathematics from Fordham University), especially because I don’t have to worry about paying for it. I was given a scholarship to cover full tuition, and all I need to do is teach for four years in a high-need school and participate in some lesson studies, which is fine by me, because I’d rather teach in a high-need school anyway, and lesson studies are a great way to collaborate with other teachers.

The only problem I have is in regards to the other aspects of life. Like Housing. And food. And transportation. And books. Because as of today, I still don’t have enough work to pay for all of that.

Fortunately, my former community is filled with really awesome people who are letting me stay with them for a bit, but I don’t want to be there for too long, especially since I can’t be around all that often.

I’m applying for jobs (tutoring, teaching, office work) like crazy, but I’m losing momentum after weeks of hearing nothing. I find myself losing faith a little because I hate leaning on other people to help me out, and I hate not knowing what’s coming next. I’m lucky, though. Because my family is pretty good about cheering me up, and my boyfriend always manages to text me something that perks me up when I’m feeling really low. Between that, our FaceTime dates, and phone calls, I’m still going strong in my search.

At any rate, prayers would be appreciated! I know God had a plan for me, and I’m searching for what that plan is, but until I figure out what he’s saying, I’m going to need all the extra help I can get.

Leave me with your ingenious insight:

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