Here’s a poem I wrote in high school that

I stand still in the cold, with the rain pouring over me
I am sad and angry that my life is falling apart, and I there is nothing I can do
He comes up to me, and puts his jacket over my shoulders
He wraps his arms around me in a hug, showing me how much he cares
I try to hold in the tears that fill my eyes, but I can’t
As they begin to spill out of my eyes, I bury my face in his chest
His hand strokes my hair, awkwardly at first, and then more soothingly
He stands there, with me in his strong arms, waiting for me to calm down
After a time, I do, and he holds me still longer, ignoring the heavy rain
He waits for me to look into his kind eyes before saying anything
When he finally does speak, he starts out softly, still calming me with his voice
He speaks words to me and tells me so much
He doesn’t want me to be sad, but for me to be happy
He promises he’ll be there for me whenever, wherever
The rain is stopping, now, and we look up into the sky
Our eyes find the rainbow, high above us, so bright against the clouds
We both smile softly as we turn to look into each other’s eyes
And we know, without doubt, that we are the best of friends
We don’t have to worry about dating, we don’t have to go out every weekend
We can be satisfied knowing that we will always be there for each other
And it doesn’t matter what everyone else says
And so, we feel a great wave of relief as we walk home together—friends

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