Snowball Fight

This was a short story for Expository Writing, inspired by another short story “The Chase” by an author whose name I do not remember.


Snowballs flying, we ducked behind the icy fort, our only salvation. My aunts and uncles, more seasoned snowball-makers seemingly had the advantage–but they didn’t know about our super-secret weapon: the ice-cream scooper and our extremely super-secret snowball scooper.

We played the “little kid” card, making weak snowballs that fell apart as they flew through the air. All the while, we were making a huge stash of perfect snowballs, smoothly packed and ready to hit a target.

We were definitely getting beat, but they were growing tired, and we still had our huge stash of perfect snowballs…

The adults called it quits, and headed inside. They were in the clear–the moment we were waiting for had finally arrived. We pelted them repeatedly as they all attempted to make it back to their fort.

We all had good arms, and, as we had conserved our strength by throwing our weak snowballs gently, we were hitting our targets. The fight became more and more intense, snowballs flying through the air, bursting against our jackets and the forts.

It was a fair fight…until one of the adults snuck around the back of our fort and poured a sled-full of snow over us. Laughing, we admitted defeat, showed our secret weapons, and gave up the battle.

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