Daddy II

Honestly, I have no idea where this came from or what it was for. The document saved on my CD was just called Daddy II, and there was no heading. I thought it was a little weird, but I let my sister, Katie, read it, and she sort of liked it, so here it is.


Bobby, having nailed the audition, happily went to work each day. “Going to work” now entailed meeting at the studio and practicing the group’s songs. This classical group worked well together for many months, but then Bobby became restless again. He was getting a lot more attention than the other guys, and it was going to his head. He started thinking he was better than the other guys, and he visited Cody less and less. He stopped talking to Stacy altogether. He got caught up in the spotlight. A year after he joined the group, he began working on songs for a solo album, without telling the rest of the group. Six months later, he had the album recorded, ready to enter stores and radio stations across the country. He broke away from the group, which seemed sudden to the group and fans alike. His album hit stores a month after the official break. Sales were decent, but too many of his fans were upset, and few people bought the album. The crowd he had been partying with quickly shunned him. His fan mail became hate mail. When his recording company cancelled their offer for a contract, he dropped off of the fame scene. He spent some time on a quite island in the South Pacific, where he realized his true calling in life.

Bobby flew back to his hometown, and walked through the door of his house. Stacy was sitting on the living room floor, helping an eight year-old boy with homework. She looked up, a little surprised to see him: “H-hi.”

Bobby smiled as the young boy turned around. Cody was the spitting image of his father. “Hey there son. Sorry I haven’t been around the past few years.”

“Like that’s going to change,” Stacy remarked.

Bobby looked at her. “I’m going to try to be around more. I made a mistake, Stacy. I may not have wanted this at first, but I know I need it now. I got caught up in the spotlight…you know, living my dream. I forgot about real life.”

Tears were flooding Stacy’s eyes. Bobby walked over and wrapped his arms around her. The tears flowed freely from both Stacy’s and Bobby’s eyes.

Cody jumped up. “Mommy, Daddy, don’t cry. I still love you.”

Bobby and Stacy laughed, and, wiping the tears from their eyes, hugged their little boy.

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