Happy Opening to The Mystery of Edwin Drood!

Today is a very exciting day! It is the day that The Mystery of Edwin Drood FINALLY opens on Broadway!

I want to give a HUGE shout out of love to some really awesome folks from this show…Alison Cimmet, Kyle Coffman, and Eric Sciotto are some of my favorite ensemble members to watch. They are absolutely fabulous and 100% energetic ALL THE TIME!

So far, I have seen DROOD twice, and I’ve loved it both times! The cast is absolutely fabulous at getting the audience excited, and their passion for the show easily transfers to the audience.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood is a musical based on Charles Dicken’s final, unfinished novel, and the audience decides the ending!

The last time that I saw DROOD was November 2 with my mom, and I’ll share the ending with you below. Keep an eye out for the SPOILER ALERT (you’ll have to highlight to see the ending)!

The Mystery of Edwin Drood is a great show for people of all ages. The cast has ridiculous amounts of energy, and they are an extremely talented cast. If you get a chance to stage door after the show, DO IT! The cast members are all so kind and humble…you’ll want to thank all of them!


Highlight to read! Start highlighting here! 
First, the cast votes to decided whether or not Edwin Drood died. Then, the audience votes for three pieces of the ending (four votes total).
-Who is…DICK DATCHERY? The November 2 audience voted Helena (Jessie Mueller).
-Who killed Edwin Drood? The November 2 audience voted Bazzard (Peter Benson).
-Who fell in love? 
      -The man: The November 2 audience voted the Deputy (14-year-old Nicholas Barasch)
      -The woman: The November 2 audience voted Princess Puffer (Chita Rivera)
End highlighting here!

You can read my first article on this awesome show here.


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