The Mark of Athena

I caved and bought it. I was going to wait and read it from the NYPL, but I couldn’t wait. I just finished re-reading ALL of the Percy Jackson books, and the first two Heroes of Olympus books, and I just couldn’t wait anymore. So I went on and bought The Mark of Athena for my kindle. I couldn’t even wait to have the book delivered to me, or to get to the bookstore.

That’s my problem. I was so excited and so eager for this book, that I’m already done with it. I’ve finished reading it. I got to the end (which was far from what I was expecting, well done, Mr. Riordan, well done). And now I have to wait. Probably at least a year. Because the next book isn’t due out until Fall 2013.

But I’m sort of in shock. I definitely got a different vibe from the book. It’s not like the first two in the series, and its not like the previous series. It’s almost like the Heroes are all grown up now. But they aren’t the oldest is only 16 or 17. They’re still high school kids. But they’ve gone through so much, and have been on their own so often that their personalities are older. It’s different from what I was expecting, but it almost made me feel more connected to the characters, which is surprising because I already felt like I got them.

I do have a problem with this book, though. THAT ending. I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s driving me absolutely crazy, to the point where I’m having Percy Jackson Demigod status dreams. And I’m distracted.

I don’t want to spoil it for you, but the book leaves you hanging. And knowing that I’ve got a whole year before I’ll find out what happens is driving me insane. I think I might be more involved with these stories than I was with the Harry Potter books. I mean, when I finished one of those, I never felt concerned, or worried. I just accepted it. But with the Heroes of Olympus, I am eager to find out what happens to the demigods…will they complete their quests, will they save the world, are they actually the Seven?



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