I know. Fall has been here for a while, but this morning was deliciously chilly as I walked to the subway, and it actually made me really happy. I’m excited that it’s finally time to break out the sweaters and the scarves. I actually got to wear one of my coats, and I wasn’t hot! It was glorious! Of course, this fall weather has me scouring the internet in my free time for some cute winter ensembles, and hopefully, I’ll be able to put together a couple of cute outfits from my closet.

Beautiful Autumn


Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower


Beautiful Autumn


Aside from the clothing aspect of this weather…it’s also finally hot beverage time! I got to enjoy a delicious chai latte last night, and I can’t wait to have a pumpkin spice latte and when winter’s here…I’ll finally get my Chai Eggnog latte!!! but that’s still a few months away…for now, let’s revel in the pumpkin spice flavors that are finally appropriate!



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