Hanging Out

Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day! I mean, pure gorgeousness! There wasn’t a drop of rain, and the clouds in the sky were big, white, and bright! So of course, meeting up with some friends in Central Park was a fantastic way to spend the day.

Normally, I would bitch and moan about the behavior of the D train. It didn’t run express along Central Park. It literally stopped at every Orange Line stop between 125th and 59th. I didn’t even care, though. It was going to be an awesome day!

Jackie and I met up with Jake and Jen on the rocks in Central Park (the place by the swings). We just sat and hung out there for a couple of hours, talking, laughing, reading…

Jackie read “A Good Man is Hard to Find” out loud and we talked about it for a bit afterwards. This is one of my favorite short stories, because it’s so unexpected. Maybe I’ll share my essay on it from college (if I can find it…).

Eventually, we made our way to church on E 89th, and then to the Guggenheim afterwards.

It wasn’t my favorite mass because I spent a lot of time praying for patience. One of the parishioners kept responding a few seconds early…with the old mass responses (so “And also with you” instead of “And with your spirit”). It was definitely driving me crazy. Also, I felt like we were running a marathon with how quickly we were saying the Act of Contrition and the Creed.

The Guggenheim was interesting, but all of the ramps were closed, so only the Annexes were open. That, of course, was a little frustrating because the whole point of going to the Guggenheim is to casually stroll the ramps and admire the artwork (at least, that’s the point in my mind). We did have fun commenting on some of the different pieces. There was an “Udder”ly beautiful painting of a cow that Jen “steer”ed us to because it was so “Moo”valous.

When the Gugg shut down and kicked us out, we strolled to the 4 train to head home together, and ended the night with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and tater tots.

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